New Rule: The Only Difference Between DeMint And Fred Phelps Is DeMint Is Afraid To Carry The Sign

Bill Maher whacked Senator Jim DeMint for his gay-bashing views which aren’t that far off from those of fellow wingnut Fred Phelps during his "New Rules" segment.

MAHER: He feels education should be left to the people that we know our children are safe with, like priests. Jim DeMint has voted against gay marriage, against gay adoption and against the pending reform to allow gays to serve openly in the military. I don’t know if god hates fags, but Jim DeMint sure does.

Bill’s exactly right about the difference between these two. One is more than willing to go out there and just show how straight up crazy they are and the other hides behind the veil of being for “family values."

I'm just wondering how many centuries it is going to take for the Democrats to try to field someone to run against a Republican in a place like South Carolina that isn't either a joke like Alvin Greene who somehow got past their other joke of a candidate Vic Rawl, who they didn't care if he won anyway before the Greene debacle, and decide to try the Bernie Sanders model, where if you're an actual liberal or progressive and aren't full of sh*t you might actually win elections on your principles even in "conservative" states. Bernie stands up against things like outsourcing and not taking care of American workers. I refuse to believe a decent candidate in DeMint's state would not be able to do the same thing if the Democrats would be willing to put one up instead of deciding you need to be GOP lite in red states or no one will support you.


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