Rachel Maddow Tells Glenn Beck To Leave The IAVA And The Veterans Alone


Rachel Maddow asks fear monger Glenn Beck to leave the IAVA the hell alone. Glenn Beck painted the non-partisan veterans group as an evil union supporting, George Soros, radical, communist organization that is "duping" people into supporting our veterans returning home from war. It's just shameless what Beck did and Rachel who normally doesn't want to weigh into the fray of Beck's madness finally had enough of it and spoke out on her show this week.

MADDOW: Thank you so much for standing guard against these communists masquerading as a veterans organization, that are using you for their communist purposes. Thank you for standing guard against these communists who are duping you; these communists over at Iraq and Afghanistan's of America.

There are people all over America today who listen to Glenn Beck who know believe that IAVA is a communist front group because Glenn Beck said so. IAVA is not a communist front group. They do not feed veterans who march in parades with them as part of a communist plot to dupe veterans into becoming communists.

They do not take money from Move On or any other Fox News boogy men more boogiesh than me. But even if they did it would still be the patriotic equivalent of a mortal sin to do what Glenn Beck did this week when he randomly and at length and in totally made up tale, launched this 100% false attack on Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a nonpartisan group that does nothing wrong and does nothing like what all of Glenn Beck's listeners now think they do.

I generally try to be of good cheer when it comes to people being dumb in the media but this is more than dumb. This is disgusting. Leave... the... veterans... alone.

What's really pitiful is that the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right wing hate talkers are allowed to continue to pollute our airways instead with no push back so their listeners are aware that they're lying to them. I really believe we need some new form of The Fairness Doctrine out there that does not stifle free speech but instead points out the lies if that's possible in the age of media consolidation.

Better yet if our politicians actually cared about having something that resembled a free press in America, these media companies that control everything would be split up, and yesterday would not be too soon.

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