Rep. Louie Gohmert Melts Down On AC360 Defending His 'Terror Babies' Conspiracy Theory


Well, Anderson Cooper managed to get Rep. Louie Gohmert on his show to talk about his latest "terror babies" conspiracy he was touting in the floor of the House and just one word for what happened here... meltdown. They couldn't get him on earlier in the week and settled for the wingnut Texas Representative who was happy to come on and fear monger in his place.

I feel sorry for whoever tries to transcribe this. It's going to look something like this.

Cooper: Congressman Gohmert do you have any proof that there are "terror babies" being born in the United States?


Gohmert: You can Jon Stewart can make fun of me all you want!!!...


Jebus... Gohmert screamed over Cooper for the entire interview if you want to call it that. Gohmert kept trying to conflate "birth tourism" to terrorism and never offered an ounce of proof that the two were related. As Cooper attempted to point out, terrorists don't need to attain American citizenship to come to the United States and attack us. Gohmert's fear mongering is just that, and ridiculous.

I guess Gohmert's not too happy about this segment from The Daily Show.

I'd like to see Gohmert go on there and watch Stewart tear him up to his face. I don't think he'd put up with the kind of treatment Anderson Cooper just got, but then I don't think Gohmert would dare to go on there in a million years either. I'm actually surprised he agreed to come on Cooper's show.

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