Stephen Moore Gets His Ass Handed To Him On Health Care Reform On Real Time


In the wake of Keith Olbermann's departure from MSNBC, I at least was able to take a little solace watching the Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore getting his ass handed to him on Real Time over the health-care law and insurance company mandates by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, former Reagan adviser David Stockman and Bill Maher. Moore, of course, defended the hypocritical Republicans who thought a mandate was a great idea until a Democrat proposed it and gave us more of the "government takeover of health care" lie, which Rachel, thankfully, shot down.

I really don't know why Bill Maher thinks having Moore on as a guest contributes much to his show because the man strikes me as being as dumb as a box of rocks -- but who knows, maybe he's some genius and I'm just not seeing it. Whether he's just not that smart or crazy like a fox with his lies, what he does is lie. I don't understand how that adds to any kind of dialogue that moves our country to a place where we're solving our problems for the working class, whether some might consider it entertaining or not. Stephen Moore had nothing to add to this discussion other than hyperbole and lying GOP/Rupert Murdoch talking points.

The insurance mandates he's claiming are unconstitutional are something Republicans loved before a Democrat proposed them. And those high deductible plans he's touting just mean a lot of people don't get treatment when they're sick because they can't afford it. As Rachel recommended, we need to actually have a "government takeover" of our health insurance programs and Medicare for all and we'd be a lot better off. Moore would prefer to keep lining the insurance companies' pockets instead.

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