November 16, 2009

Some conservative ideologues play the Victim Card like a master Tex Hold Em player reads their opponents' cards in Vegas and tosses out a Joker. Sarah Palin has mastered the art of "the liberal is attacking poor little ME!"

Conservatives use this technique more as a rallying cry to their base. A way to squeeze money out of the fringes and make themselves a hero to their cause. Carrie Prejean has been trying to do just that, but her efforts are really weak.

The playbook is pretty standard. Say something racist, misogynist or homophobic which the public doesn't like and claim that you're just voicing your views and the dirty hippie liberals want to silence you from speaking your mind. It doesn't hurt to have the looks Carrie does, but it appears like she'll need some extra media training in the Conservative Whiner schtick.

She's trying to be the new star on the far right conservative circuit, but she's had a very controversial start to her run at it.

As you know, she was running for the Miss USA title, got asked about gay marriage, said she was against it and then got into a very public fight with Perez Hilton over it. She was immediately embraced by the religious right, and as she was acting as Miss California started to film commercials against gay marriage. This is a violation of her contract as Miss California, because you cannot take positions on religion and politics, but she does what most conservatives do, she played by her own rules.

In the middle of it all, topless pictures were released about her, which is no biggie, except when you want to be a leading figure in the morally superior evangelical set. Donald Trump came to her rescue and didn't fire her for breach of contract when she failed to show up for scheduled events. A firestorm erupted between the pageant people in California and Prejean, and it so infuriated Shanna Moakler she resigned.

She was finally fired by "The Donald" while she was doing a radio interview because she failed to live up to the terms of her contract.

You can see why Sarah Palin is her hero. They both love to quit. Then she brought a lawsuit against the pageant.

Now the fun really begins because she made a sex tape for her boyfriend and TMZ reported that it was this tape that got her to back down and the suit was settled.

In the above video, Hannity tries to whitewash it for her, first saying that the ex betrayed her, at which Prejean naturally smiles and says, "Yes, he did. I loved him." Her book is called "Still Standing," which is of course an attack on the media, and her thesis is that everybody wanted her to not express her views. And that, as you can see by this, video is a joke. She has never been silenced at all. She's on every TV show possible.

Her ex told TMZ that Carrie tried to get him to lie about her age so she could say it was a youthful mistake to appease the right wing Christians.

Listen, Carrie, nobody cares about your sex tape (except in a voyeuristic way) or the money you spent on fixing up your body to win beauty contests, or how many nekked pictures you took, because it's your life. Bravo, I say! Will there be Late Night on Cinemax?

She has to concentrate on her religious base because that's where her money is going to come from. If she cons them into thinking she's another "conservative victim," she'll succeed mightly in that arena.

Watching her on Larry King was also pretty funny. Larry King is the King of the softball interviews, and she picks his show to try and pull the old, "Storm off the set routine," but can't even find her microphone to rip off herself. King was trying to find out why she settled her court case -- because as we know, it looks like the sex tape made her capitulate.

In the above video, we have her then trying to pull what appears to be a preplanned stunt on Larry King for more attention.

If it wasn't planned, then, well... she's just nuts.

Transcript below:

KING: We're back with Carrie Prejean. She's the author of "Still Standing." That book is available everywhere. We'll take a call or two for Carrie in a moment. You sued the pageant after they fired you. They counter-sued. And then you accused them of a number of things including religious discrimination, clearly an issue very important to you. Why did you settle? You don't have to tell me the terms of the settlement. But why settle, since you had a fight to carry on?

PREJEAN: Larry, everything that was discussed in mediation -- I'll say it again -- is completely confidential. I'm not going to be able to talk about that. So I'm just letting you know that ahead of time.

KING: So you can't even say why you settled? That's not -- how does that break what you settled for. I'm not asking you what the settlement was.

PREJEAN: It's a confidential agreement and I'm not allowed to talk about that. So --

KING: So the agreement discusses the motive behind why each party agreed?

PREJEAN: Larry, you're being inappropriate. You really are. So I'm not going to --

KING: What? I'm asking a question.

PREJEAN: I'm not going to talk about anything discussed in mediation. It was a confidential settlement.

KING: All I'm asking -- so -- All right. So what you're saying is, in mediation, it was discussed why you were mediating?

PREJEAN: Larry, it's completely confidential. And you're being inappropriate, OK?

KING: All right. Inappropriate King Live continues. Detroit, hello.

CALLER: Hi, calling from Detroit. I'm a gay man and I love pageants. I'm sure that you, Carrie, have got great gay friends that helped you possibly win. What would you gave them as advice if they wanted to get married?

KING: Did you hear the question, Carrie? Did she hear the question? Is she leaving because I asked what motivated the settlement?

She starts to take off her microphone...

KING: Did you hear the question, Carrie? Did you hear the question?

PREJEAN: Excuse me?

KING: Did you hear the question?

PREJEAN: No, I can't hear you.

KING: You took the mike off. You put the mike on, you can hear.

PREJEAN: I think you're being extremely inappropriate right now. And I'm about to leave your show.

KING: Well, so I went to another area. I took a phone call. They asked a question of you. I left that subject. You feel it was inappropriate? I didn't mean to be inappropriate. I just thought it was a logical question. But you need to have a mike. Who are you talking to?

Hello? We'll be back right after these messages on LARRY KING LIVE.


KING: We're back with Carrie Prejean. I did not certainly mean to ask you a question -- you don't want to take phone calls, right?

PREJEAN: Yes, that was the agreement that you had with my publicist.

KING: No one told me. I didn't know we weren't supposed to take phone calls. And I meant nothing of the question.

PREJEAN: Right, and this is you and I talking and I appreciate that.

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