'Devastating' Indeed: Cheney Tries To Con The Public Into Forgetting

Isn't it wonderful that Dick Cheney has now taken over as the leader of the Republican Party? They've been running around headless and look who comes to save them. I'm sure many conservatives are just delighted that he's going out in public, front and center and taking care of things for them.

In his Fox News interview with Sean Hannity -- the second half of which ran last night -- he trotted out an attack narrative against President Obama, essentially agreeing with Hannity that he's installing "socialism," and calling Obama's stimulus plan "devastating" for the economy.

Evidently, he's hoping that going on the attack will make the public forget about the current economic situation, which we would only politely call "devastating."

We always knew Cheney was a con artist -- how else did he get to be vice president, after all? -- but the Hannity interviews have been a disgusting performance.

The night before, thought he was quite the smart ex-VP when he called for the declassification of other intelligence that he thinks will prove to America once and for all: Torture is grand!

“I formally asked that they be declassified now. I haven't announced this up till now, I haven't talked about it, but I know specifically of reports that I read, that I saw that lay out what we learned through the interrogation process and what the consequences were for the country.”

Obviously, Cheney's say-so is not exactly credible (after all, this is the guy who told the public "there's no doubt" Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction). But that really isn't the point. Torture is illegal, period.

I get his game, though. He's running a con on the media and the public. He's betting on the idea that certain intelligence will never be declassified for a wide variety of reasons, so he knows that by shooting his mouth off with these demands he's probably safe. They will never come to light. Very shrewd, but he's the VICE.


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