ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh had a love in together on the radio after Cruz finished his twenty one hour of speechifying.
September 26, 2013



RUSH: I have to tell you, I've had so many people... I've been off the past couple of days, but, while this has been going on, I've had so many people e-mail me so uplifted by what you did in the last 21 hours and what you did leading up to it. So many people are so happy that there finally is some leadership. They're so happy that, finally, somebody is doing in Washington what they were elected to do, what they said they were going to do. And I just wanted to say, before we started: I'm sure you're hearing much the same thing, but I wanted you to know that, while you're getting all these arrows as pioneers do, there's a lot of appreciation and a lot of love for what you're doing out there.

CRUZ: Well, Rush, thank you so much. Thank you for that encouragement, and thank you for your leadership. You know, I really hope that over the course of this week we'll see more and more Republicans step forward. We had quite a few Republicans come down to the floor and support the effort, and I hope we'll see as many Republicans as possible, and even some Democrats, come together and listen to the American people. As you know... Every week, you talk to 20 million Americans. You know where the American people are on this, and it's not a close call. Obamacare isn't working and millions of Americans are hurting, and if the Senate just listened to the American people, we'll do the right thing and we'll vote to defund it.

Ted Cruz knighted Limbaugh and dubbed him as a leader in the Wacko Bird Alliance. These two are made for each other. Pepper face Cruz is a smart, smarmy, narcissistic individual who's hoping to build a grassroots donor base and AM hate talk radio will be there to help him do it.

“What is utterly maddening about all of these reporters,” Cruz countered, “what do they write about all day long? They write about the process.”“They act like they’re Hollywood gossip columnists,” he added. “How many times have you and I both read the word “Republican civil war” in the past week? Because that’s what they like to write about.” Cruz said part of his filibuster was about beseeching the press to discuss the substance of why the ACA is negatively impacting the job market.

“Part of what’s so problematic with Washington is how many Republicans want a show vote to pretend to their constituents they are fighting for what they say fighting for, rather than actually fighting for it and actually winning,” Cruz concluded. He noted that the Senate’s GOP members have a defeatist attitude that surprised him when he came into office.

What Digby said:

Man this guy is scary to me. I think he might really believe this stuff. And all the poor schmucks who listen to Rush probably believe it, too.

Rush knows better, of course. He says his business isn't politics, which is really funny. But he knows what Cruz is doing and he's decided to help him:

RUSH: Senator, most of your colleagues said exactly what you've said in the last 21 hours, and the last two weeks, and the last year, most of your colleagues said years ago what you said. At the moment of truth, they're not to be found. They've sought solace somewhere else. I look at what you're doing -- forgive me for characterizing it -- I look at what you're doing as simply doing what you were elected to do as you said, but you're also drawing a line. At some point we've got to say we're not gonna allow this kind of freedom to be lost in this country. I think this is what this is about. What Obamacare substantively is is what you're about.

What Cruz is doing is building a grassroots donor base. If he can pick up a few looney tunes billionaires like Adelson or a Foster Friess, he could make a good run at it. I don't think he can win, but it's never a good idea to allow anyone this extreme anywhere near real power.

Update: Are Rabin-Havt at Media Matters makes the case that Rush, Hannity and Cruz are on their way out. Could be.

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