FOX News Uses Judeo-Christian Ed Whelan To Smear Cornelia Pillard


(h/t Heather for the vid)

Megyn Kelly's Carbon Copy Cutout on FOX News dubbed Cornelia Pillard a radical left wing loon and a super controversial nominee to the Circuit Court of DC and used Mr. Judeo-Christian himself, Ed Whelan, a high priest of the wingnut fringe think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center, to smear her. As usual Fox News refuses to clarify what the EPPC is either. Doesn't it sound like a non-partisan group?

Founded in 1976, the Ethics and Public Policy Center is Washington, D.C.’s premier institute dedicated to applying the Judeo-Christian moral tradition to critical issues of public policy.

Listen to this intro by the cutout. (Shannon Bream is her name and looky here! She's a graduate of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell's seat of wingnut learning.)

Megyn Carbon-Copy Cutout: The Senate judiciary committee wrapping up a critical hearing today on a potential confirmation of a controversial federal court nominee, handpicked by President Obama. As you may remember, law professor Cornelia, or she's known as Nina Pillar was tapped to join the DC Circuit Court of Appeals back in June. The critics are pushing back hard, describing her as potentially the most left-leaning justice or judge in the history of the republic.

Wow, imagine the President picking a nominee to the court. What a shock. And Ed picked up the most left leaning lefty shtick from the National Journal. They reported that Obama was the most liberal Senator in the history of the world, too - and they lied. Whelan starts off by saying the DC Appeals Court is the laziest court in the land so why is Obama pushing through three nominations at once? Oh, it must be this.

Whelan: ...which is often regarded as the second highest court in the land, suddenly rushes to make three nominations just last month. And now the Senate judiciary committee is racing to get his nominations through hearings on a committee. This is a court that is the most under-worked court in country by most measures, but what President Obama is seeking to do is have judges who'll rubberstamp his left-wing agenda, an agenda that will wipe out any limits on government and spend us into bankruptcy.

Do you mean that since Obama won the election and it's his right and duty to fill the court with judges that he prefers, it's somehow going to destroy America because of his agenda? Whelan would fit right in with the rest of the Louis Gohmert whacks who were voted into the monkeyhouse - err, I mean the House of Representatives:

Of course, all of what he's railing against here has been going on since 2010, when the American people put their brains in a jar and elected a House Of Representatives full of Louie Gohmerts and a Senate minority for which Bob Bennett of Utah was Che Guevara. The president has paid a fearsome price for neglecting his primary duty as the leader of his party -- to make the Republican party pay an even more fearsome price for rendering itself into the retrograde monkeyhouse.

Fox News is nipping at the heels of the NRO and other right wing media groups, who have also been falsely characterizing Pillard as a radical.

Fresh off of unsuccessful scare-mongering about the dangers of marriage equality, right-wing media are turning the clock back even further and attacking a highly qualified judicial nominee to the important D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals because of her academic writings on established sex equality law.

Started by Ed Whelan of the National Review Online and continued by anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins, a whisper campaign against veteran litigator and law professor Cornelia T.L. Pillard, President Obama's pick for the D.C. Circuit, has been spreading through right-wing media.

Whereas Whelan at least attempted to engage the legal arguments of a 2007 law review article in which Pillard explored how decades-old sex equality law is relevant to reproductive rights, other right-wing media are making even wilder and more inaccurate claims to smear the nominee as extreme, when she is in fact solidly in the mainstream.

Perkins of the notorious Family Research Council, for example, made numerous errors in his attack on Pillard that, along with Whelan's rhetoric, is circulating on anti-choice websites and right-wing blogs. read on

The anti-choice zealots led by Tony Perkins are just loathsome and they have targeted her. This will not be an easy nomination at all, and sorry to say, the smears will continue for Cornelia.


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