Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome From Breitbart

It's time for some Clinton Derangement Syndrome after a long absence on this front by the wingnuts who inhabit the intertubes and it comes from Hillary's big testimony day on Wednesday. Leading the charge of those severely infected was John Nolte of Breitbart.

When Hillary Clinton was a young lawyer in 1974, she earned her bones in DC as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff during the Watergate scandal. But why? What difference did a little burglary make when thousands were dying in Vietnam?

Poor Condi Rice. Why didn't she pull this during the 9/11 hearings? "What difference does it make what we knew and when we knew it, Senator? 3,000 Americans that September morning! "Yeah, that would've have gone over real well with the media. But Rice never would have done such a thing, because she and the Bush Administration had nothing to hide.The Obama administration, however, cannot say the same.

This is the one of the the douchiest political paragraphs I've ever read. It's rife with untruths along with nonsensical correlations about things that never took place. First of all the whole BenghaziGate faux scandal was perpetrated to help Romney win the White House, but even with Conservative media screaming nonstop for weeks on end, Americans didn't buy their lies. It wasn't some Nixonian political scandal that was used to cover up some nefarious criminal activity and they've never explained what the conspiracy is all about that's worthy of the 'gate' extension.

OK, now back to some of Nolte's false equivalencies. Watergate was a story about a Republican political criminal gang composed of Nixon's own people. I won't explain it here since most people know the story, but please click on the link for a quick refresher. However, this was about Nixon's reelection plan and not, let's say, a group that dug up false intel and fed it to the UN to persuade the world to go to war with a country that had WMDs just ready to be detonated against us all. (Sorry, that's part of Iraq's history!) Nixon's WH covered it up because people would go to jail and or be impeached.

The idea that Watergate is the same as Benghazi is Huckabeeridiculous.

As for the 9/11 Commission, the Bush administration did all it could to not have one at all, because they did have things to hide. Condi Rice had to admit to Congress that she received a PDB that said Bin Laden wanted to fly planes into US buildings a month before the Twin Towers happened. She also was exposed for her lies about those pesky aluminum tubes. which also aided in helping getting Bush's Iraq war off the ground. Bush, Condi and his entire warmongering cabinet had a lot to hide as we know and so should Nolte. Then Nulte spins his version of reality by saying BushCo had nothing to hide about the Iraq war, but the Obama administration is as guilty as those who perpetrated Watergate without actually telling us what they are guilty of.

I guess they feel they can use this if Hillary runs for office in 2016.

Steve over at NMMNG writes:

But, of course, the ripped-from-context quote is "What difference, at this point, does it make?" It's already being seized on by National Review andFox News and The Wall Street Journal and The Weekly Standard and Glenn Beck's Blaze and Michelle Malkin's Twitchy and the Free Beaconand, of course, Breitbart. There's already a popular hashtag, #whatdifferencedoesitmake.

This is the state of Conservatism and its faux storytellers.

Malkin's got a twitch: Hysterical Hillary: ‘What difference does it make’ why 4 Americans are dead?

Glen Beck's Blaze buddy thinks Susan Rice's talking point gaffe is as bad a illegally selling weapons to Iran TheBlaze.com: It makes a big difference, Madame Secretary

There are many more nutty examples of Clinton Derangement Syndrome here if you want to check them out.

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