Rep. Paul Broun Compares Progressives To Al-Qaeda

For most Americans, July 4th is a well earned day off, with good food, drink, friends, family and fireworks. A day to get away from life's problems. However, for a very small few it's a time to ratchet up the hostilities.

Georgia Rep. Paul "Year of the Bible' Broun, once said this:

Broun: Well, it's all about freedom, actually. The Bible was the basis of our laws, it was the basis of the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence -- the Bible was the founding source.

What kind of a man of GOD couldn't even control himself on Independence day?

Political Correction:

On the Fourth of July, many lawmakers set aside partisan disagreements in favor of sweeping tributes to American freedom. But not Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), who couldn't keep his abhorrence of Americans who disagree with his political views out of his invocation at a barbecue hosted by the Cobb County GOP. As the Marietta Daily Journal reports, Broun told attendees that America is "staring down in the deep chasm of socialism and total government control" thanks to progressives who "want to destroy us from the inside."

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R-Athens), who delivered the invocation, warned about the future of the U.S.

"We're standing on the precipice, staring down in the deep chasm of socialism and total government control," Broun said. [...]

There are those who wish to destroy the U.S., Broun said, citing radical Islam and "progressives."

"Father, there are many who want to destroy us from outside this nation," Broun said. "Folks like al-Qaeda and the radical Islamists. But there are folks that want to destroy us from inside, the progressives and the socialists, who want to make this nation a nation that's no longer under you, under God, but a nation that's ruled by man."

When I hear radical Christians talk like this I'm reminded of the words Jesus said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Rep. Bible Broun most likely knows these very words very well, but he still spews venom every chance he can get our way. Wow. IOKIYAR


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