Sean Hannity Blames Obama For The Mortgage Crisis Even Though Bush Was President

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I said I wasn't going to watch Hannity anymore after Juan Williams called him myopic and a liar because he's too toxic to my nervous system, but I stumbled upon this dang video clip and it pulled me back in, again. If you ask many Republicans today, they will tell you that the $700 billion financial bailout Bernanke actually happened under Obama's watch even though the mortgage collapse happened under George W. Bush and he was front and center begging for the cash.

Struggling to stave off financial catastrophe, the Bush administration on Friday laid out a radical bailout plan with a jawdropping price tag - a takeover of a half-trillion dollars or more in worthless mortgages and other bad debt held by tottering institutions.
A grim-faced President Bush acknowledged risks to taxpayers in what would be the most sweeping government intervention to rescue failing financial institutions since the Great Depression. But he declared, "The risk of not acting would be far higher."

The administration is asking Congress for far-reaching new powers to take over troubled mortgages from banks and other companies, including purchasing sour mortgage-backed securities. Administration officials and congressional leaders are to work out details over the weekend.


Bush said simply, "We must act now." "America's economy is facing unprecedented challenges. We're responding with unprecedented measures," Bush declared, standing in the White House Rose Garden with Paulson, Bernanke and Christopher Cox, chairman of the Securities and Exchange on

The ease by which Hannity lies is really frightening when you think about it.

Sean Hannity may have just gone on record as the last person on the planet to recognize the housing bubble.

On Tuesday, Hannity offered a simple -- and spectacularly ignorant -- explanation for the mortgage crisis: Obama's "policies;" Obama's "fault."

It's unfortunate that disinformation like this is happening 24/7 on Fox and AM hate talk radio, but that's the truth of it. I now rescind my previous promise of never checking out Hannity. There's no Beck so I do have to keep track of these propagandists. At least Beck was so over the top crazy for a while with his chalk boards and conspiracy theories that I would occasionally fall down laughing.


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