Alan Grayson And Mary Jo Kilroy Ditched By DCCC, Attacked Relentlessly By Tea Party

I can usually sort out the decisions made by "leadership" in different areas to understand the logic behind them. But in the case of the DCCC and Chris Van Hollen, I truly have no clue. Here are some of his recent decisions, via Howie Klein:

The big buys the DCCC made this week were once again mostly for reactionary Blue Dogs and fellow travelers. Keeping him close to the #1 most supported incumbent is Bobby Bright who got an additional $225,000 (bringing his total so far to $1,128,188.33). Another dirt bag Blue Dog they spent big on this week was Chad Causey, a corporate shill looking to replace Marion Berry in AR-1 and whose $315,000 IE has pushed his race's total to $1,175,709.11 from the DCCC-- while having spent exactly zero for tested progressive Joyce Elliott in AR-2.

Meanwhile, they abandon Alan Grayson (FL), Mary Jo Kilroy (OH), Suzanne Kosmas (FL), Steve Kagen (WI) and a couple of blue dogs. I'll let them have the BlueDogs, but Grayson? Kilroy? Really? What are they thinking?

These decisions make no sense. Take Alan Grayson. Here's a guy who has raised more money without any "party faithful" help than most of the ones they are helping together. Meanwhile, Mary Jo Kilroy has worked tirelessly for her district and jobs. Yet even as I write, her opponent is putting up ads that are such blatant lies they should be sued for false advertising. Check this one out, claiming the stimulus created jobs in China:

Oh how rich it is to have a Republican attack a jobs-committed Democrat over jobs in China. Mr. US Chamber-of-Commerce Stivers must be suffering whiplash to twist his neck that hard. Of course, it's all about ringing a bell that can't be unrung. He knows it's a lie, but once it's out there, it's fact to some voters.

This is where one would expect a national organization to come to the rescue, and yet, they've written off Mary Jo Kilroy as a lost cause. In this election cycle, I made the decision not to contribute to DCCC but to direct my contributions to candidates who needed my support and were fighting for the real values Democrats have always stood for via Blue America.

We really need your help to help these candidates hold onto their hard-won seats. When I finish writing this post, I'm going to make another donation, because I don't want teabaggers to take over Congress. It's really that simple. Join me? Alan Grayson's page is here, and Mary Jo Kilroy's page is here, or you can get a list of all the Blue America candidates here.


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