Election 2010

Sharron Angle's Very, Very Bizarre Concession Speech

In one of the most bizarre moments of this midterm election, Sharron Angle praises out-of-state donors, the Constitution, and the voter turnout that tanked her candidacy. I'm not sure I can say much beyond what she says. She brags about raising $14

After The Election, Gerrymandering

For all the attention paid to the national stage and governors' races, no one has really mentioned the elephant in the room: redistricting. 2011 will be the year when Congressional districts are redrawn based upon the 2010 census, and as usual,

Rachel Maddow Missed The Boat On This One

In Rachel's opening segment last night, she compared and contrasted the Democrats' message of compromise with the Republicans "hell no" stance and took the Dems to task for not noticing that there was no one to compromise with. In her analysis,

Really, John Boehner?

In what can only be interpreted as a smack in Eric Cantor's face, John Boehner will campaign alongside Rich Iott, Nazi re-enactor. Not only will he campaign alongside him, he's funneled more cash to Iott's campaign than previously reported. The