First Amendment Alliance Takes Aim At Jack Conway And Michael Bennet

Since this election will likely be the last time we'll get to see some donors before they buy their candidates' office, I took a closer look at the First Amendment Alliance, an organization that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to oppose Jack Conway and Michael Bennet, among others. It seems Rand Paul has some powerful buddies across the nation who are willing to spend a lot of money to get him elected, along with his buddy Ken Buck. Here are some of the big names.

From the 9/30/2010 IRS Filing:

  • Brian Kimbrough - Pace Data Corporation (FL) $20,000
  • Clayton Williams - Clayton Williams Energy (TX) $100,000
  • Russel D. Gordy - Self-Employed (TX) $150,000
  • Cotulla, LP - (TX) $25,000
  • Chisos, Ltd - (NM) $25,000
  • Denny Snelson's Pumping Unit Service, LP - (TX) $20,000
  • The Anschutz Corporation - (CO) $50,000
  • Melange Associates, Inc. - (CO) $25,000
  • Cordilera Energy Partners III, LLC - (CO) $20,000
  • Robert S. Boswell - Laramie Energy II, LLC (CO) $25,000
  • Robert L. Zorich - EnCap Investments, LP (TX) $25,000
  • Earl G. Rodman, Jr. - Rodman Petroleum (TX) $100,000
  • Thomas A. Petrie - Bank of America Vice Chairman - (CO) $25,000
  • Bob J. Perry - Perry Homes (TX) - $50,000
  • Pace Data Corporation - (FL) - $20,000

From the Pre-General FEC Report - 10/1/2010 to 10/13/2010:

  • Aghorn Energy, Inc. (TX) - $100,000
  • William J. Barrett (CO) - $25,000
  • Jonathan C. Farber - Lime Rock Partners, Managing Director (CT) - $100,000
  • TESSCO Energy Services, Inc. (TX) $20,000

There are numerous other contributions under $20,000 that I didn't list as well. Altogether, the First Amendment Alliance has taken in $1.4 million from January 1st to October 13th. While some of it comes from the large corporations like Bank of America and The Anschutz Corporation (Phil Anschutz of Comcast and numerous other media outlets), it also comes from smaller businesses like Danny Snelson's Pumping Unit Service, but most donors have a common theme: They're either from the energy sector or the financial sector, with Anschutz and Perry as standouts. They're stolid Republicans with an agenda, and that agenda includes installing their puppets into the next Senate.

In 2012, I doubt we'll have access to this kind of information. The First Amendment Alliance has a 501(c)(4) called the First Amendment Alliance Education Fund, so I imagine the next round will funnel money through that instead of the 527. This is the true story of this midterm election. Forget about what you think about Democrats or Obama for a minute, and realize that if these candidates win, there will be no campaign finance reform, no disclosure, and the closing act will belong to Corporations United, Large and Small. We, the people will not matter one whit.


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