Crusader Limbaugh Goes To War With Immigration Reform

[h/t Media Matters]

This makes me happy in a weird, off-kilter kind of way. Boss Rush is all over comprehensive immigration reform, declaring that "it's up to [him] and Fox News" to stop immigration reform, before it's too late. It makes me happy because anything that makes Fox News look worse to people who don't pay much attention is a good thing --and plenty of Fox viewers aren't in love with Rushbo.

It also makes me happy because for once, we're on offense instead of defense. Between the president's gun control proposals, comprehensive immigration reform, climate change and tax reform, Rush is going to exhaust his audience trying to keep them outraged over it all. That means we might actually get some things out of the Congress that we wouldn't if they all had to focus on one thing, like they did with the Affordable Care Act.

Perhaps Rush can co-opt Tea Party Nation to carry his message. I loved what they sent out today. Keep in mind that Judson Phillips routinely calls Democrats the "party of treason," while saying little about Republicans. Unfortunately, they now have a name from him, too:

Does the Party of Stupid ever learn?

In 1986, we went through this. Ronald Reagan, in one of the worst mistakes of his Presidency agreed to amnesty for three million illegals. The deal was the illegals would get amnesty and then the border would be secured.

The illegals got their amnesty but 26 years later, the border is still not secured.

The Republican members of the so-called “Gang of eight” have sold America out for the promise of the border being secured.

Twenty-five years from now, the border will not be anymore secured than it is today.

Someone needs to tell the GOP to buy a clue. Creating 15 to 20 million new Democrat voters is not going to get more Republican voters.

Democrats are once again laughing as the Republicans hand them victory.

Oh, and he trashed Saint Ronnie in the process. Perish the thought!

Phillips and his group have the unique distinction of a listing on the SPLC's list of hate groups, mostly because Judson Phillips is one of the nastiest people ever to grace the internet with his presence. He spams inboxes daily with end-of-the-world claims about the budget, guns, treason, and how much he loathes Barack Obama.

The truth is, Rush and Judson both need someone to hate in order to be relevant. They're about to discover that when it comes to immigration reform, that may not even be enough. The surest path to irrelevance for the Republican party isn't passage of immigration reform, it's dredging up all of the old hate themes against anyone who isn't white.

The real unanswered question is whether Republican politicians are sufficiently committed to ensuring the future of their party rather than "purifying" it by permanently alienating Hispanics and African-Americans. The outcome of immigration reform may well hinge on that decision.

But hey, Rushbo. You keep flogging that dead horse right alongside your pal Judson. Flog it, and yourself, into irrelevance.


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