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Crusader Limbaugh Goes To War With Immigration Reform

This makes me happy in a weird, off-kilter kind of way. Boss Rush is all over comprehensive immigration reform, declaring that "it's up to and Fox News" to stop immigration reform, before it's too late. It makes me happy because anything that

Tea Party's Judson Phillips Throws Romney And Boehner Under The Bus

I guess no matter how badly these so-called "tea party" leaders behave, we're not going to be rid of them on the air any time soon. Case in point, wingnut Judson Phillips, CEO of Tea Party Nation, who as we've noted here is prone to misogynistic attacks on female Democrats, has had some trouble paying his group's hotel bills and who wants President Obama to prove that he doesn’t smoke crack and have gay sex. What a guy. But here he was on MSNBC this Thursday, being allowed to pretend he doesn't know Republicans won the House due to gerrymandering, while throwing both Boehner and Romney under the bus.

Tea Party Refuses To Accept Reality, Opts For Desperation

Even though Mitt Romney is generally loathed in tea party circles, he was the best they could hope for, and now that hope is dashed. Well, sort of. Judson Phillips wrote one of his crazy posts for World Net Daily, that bastion of solid unbiased

Tea Partyer Calls For Obama To Get Out Of "Our Country"

I've written about this lunatic before. Marcia Wood is the same person who called for businesses not to hire anyone until Barack Obama was out of office and fantasized about muzzling Michelle Obama, but as time has gone on and the Republican party

Republicans In Disarray: The Great GOP Divide Of 2012

Ron Paul The GOP has a big problem which is playing out in Florida right now but won't go away anytime soon. This clip from Neil Cavuto's show last Friday is an excellent example of the inner Republican struggle between centrists and those on