Tea Party Nation Writer Fantasizes About Muzzling Michelle Obama


Marcia Wood, the Tea Party Nation featured writer who famously suggested small businesses refuse to hire anyone until President Obama is turned out of office, has another stink bomb that Judson Phillips just emailed out to all of their members.

In this one, Ms. Wood riffs off of Jodi Kantor's new book, The Obamas. Now that I've finished the book, I'll just say that I think Ms. Kantor should have stuck to other people's impressions and reported those instead of trying to use them to climb into the heads of the President and First Lady and invent what they might have been thinking or feeling. Ms. Wood does her best to write an impression of Kantor's style and in the process, just exposes her inner racist for the entire world to see.

In this scene, she imagines David Plouffe, David Axelrod, and Jim Messina in a huddle over some alleged misstatement on the First Lady's part.

Picture David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Jim Messina up before the crack of dawn huddled behind “Pluto’s” luxurious dog house. Axelrod is frowning and doing his usual finger pointing saying, “Plouffe either you or Messina need to have a heart to heart with Barack – Michelle is causing us problems like she did in 2008.
Remember when she spouted off and said, “The first time in my adult lifetime, I’m proud of my Country.” We need to put a muzzle on her – maybe send her back to Hawaii on an extended vacation or send her to her room until the election is over.

Messina said, hey guys that’s not my job – I’ve got my hands full trying to find out who’s sending donations in signed “Mickey Mouse and Super Man.” Those big bundlers Obama paid off in 2009 are starting to talk about the grants and loans Barack passed under the table. The news media is picking up on this too - it’s not looking good on my end.

Plouffe said, “Boys we’ve got worse problems then Michelle’s mouth – Obama is our worst night mare; he doesn’t have an agenda – in fact his record the past three years looks like a rerun of Old Jimmy Carter recycled toilet paper.”

The purpose of this little imagined scene is to somehow promote Newt Gingrich, who Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips has endorsed as his candidate. This is the same Judson Phillips who famously ranted when the debt ceiling deal was struck, and swore compromise was surrender and he wouldn't support any candidate who ever compromised.

Now if I were to confront Ms. Wood on this piece of trashy hack writing, it's likely she'd run for her escape hatch, claiming it was simply intended to be humor, or parody.

Whatever it is, suggesting that our First Lady needs to be muzzled is not humorous, nor is it something that should have been sent out in a blast to all TPN subscribers. It's inappropriate, disrespectful, and downright racist. I could go on with the hundred different ways this is offensive, but I suspect reading it is all that's necessary.

Don't let all the MSNBC love for Newt Gingrich fool you right now. He's bashing Romney, but it's the racist vote he's after, and it's the racist vote he hopes will keep his candidacy viable. If you need any further evidence of that, I suggest you go back and read the quoted passage above again.

Really ugly and classless stuff, TPN.


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