Race-Baiting For Profit: Check Out Tweets By Former Head Of SC GOP


No one will be surprised that Todd Kincannon, former Southern Carolina Republican Party chairman is tweeting racist nonsense. It's just that this racist nonsense is, even by conservative standards, pretty blatant and ugly.

What you may not know about Todd Kincannon, however, is that he's been on a tear over Twitter's policy of suspending abusive users. I wrote about it back in December, when I noted that he was abusing their algorithms to get people suspended on the left who he didn't care for. Of course, reality was something else entirely, because the algorithm didn't pay much attention to whether someone was liberal or conservative, and so people on all sides of the debate were suspended.

Since then, Kincannon has switched to claiming that liberals intentionally try to silence conservatives online by using the "Gulag" to silence them. Not only has he made this claim, but he is raising money online by making it. Here's a screenshot of part of the page he has created on Rally. It even has a logo that seems professionally designed, and yes, a clarion call to help defend conservatives.


That hashtag, #TGDN, stands for the "Twitter Gulag Defense Network." Please.

It's difficult to take this seriously until you look at the series of tweets he spewed out last night and then again this morning. I might be able to believe the first series was simply drunk tweets if they didn't continue on through morning and afternoon today.

No, what Kincannon seems to be doing is being intentionally inflammatory in order to get himself suspended so he can rally the Breitbots and Tea Partiers to his defense. Of course, sympathy is always nice but money is better, so he's got the convenient fundraising page ready for the hellraising to begin.

The better hashtag for Kincannon's project would be #TFD, or Trolling For Dollars.


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