Mitt Romney's Super PAC, Restore Our Future, filed their March, 2012 disclosure statements Friday, giving us a pretty picture of who his billionaires are. The list is quite extensive, so I'll limit it to the six-figure and beyond donors for your
April 23, 2012

Mitt Romney's Super PAC, Restore Our Future, filed their March, 2012 disclosure statements Friday, giving us a pretty picture of who his billionaires are. The list is quite extensive, so I'll limit it to the six-figure and beyond donors for your reading pleasure.

  • Huron Carbon, LLC, located at same address as William Koch's Oxbow Carbon and Minerals. William (Bill) Koch is the third Koch brother - $1,000,000
  • Kenneth Griffin, Citadel LLC - $950,000
  • Harold C. Simmons, Contran Corp: $800,000
  • James S Davis, New Balance Athletic Shoes - $500,000
  • JW Marriott, Jr, Marriott Hotels - $500,000
  • Richard Marriott - $500,000
  • Geoff Palmer, GH Palmer & Associates (Real Estate Developer) - $500,000
  • Steven Webster, Avista Capital: $500,000
  • Seaspray Partners, LLC (this donation seems to have a very mysterious origin): $400,000
  • Fair Oaks Finance, LLC - $250,000
  • Kevin Rollins, former chairman of Dell Computer, and spouse Debra: $250,000
  • Charles Schwab, Charles Schwab Corp. and Helen Schwab: $250,000
  • Robert C. Wetenhall, McConnell Wetenhall Co Chairman: $250,000
  • Rod Aycox, Select Management Resource (auto title lender) - $200,000
  • Betty Brown Casey, Casey Management - $200,000
  • Robert Rosenkrantz, Delphi Financial Group: $150,000
  • Douglas Berthiaume, Waters Corp - $100,000
  • Ed Bosarge, Capital Technologies, Inc - $100,000
  • Alan Fournier, Pennant Capital Management - $100,000
  • Jeffrey Fox, Harbour Group - $100,000
  • Marilyn Fox, Spouse - $100,000
  • Sam Fox, Harbour Group - $100,000
  • John A Griffin, Blue Ridge Capital - $100,000
  • Johanna Howard, homemaker - $100,000 (Ms. Howard is the daughter of venture capitalist Peter Geier)
  • William Laverack, Jr, Chairman, Laverack Capital Partners - $100,000
  • Kelly Loeffler, Intercontinental Exchange - $100,000
  • Mischer Investments - $100,000
  • Robert Pence, Pence Group (Real Estate Developer) - $100,000
  • Dale Rogers, Rogers Wealth Group - $100,000
  • Nicholas Rosenkrantz, Georgetown Univ. Law Professor, former John McCain advisor: $100,000

But wait, there's more. There's also the Karl Rove Super PAC, American Crossroads, which operates for the benefit of Mitt Romney, too. And still more billionaires! This is a list of the largest contributors for 2011 and the first three months of 2012. Keep in mind that these contributions were for the primary. Imagine what they'll pony up for the general election, and that would include the billionaires funding Santorum and Gingrich, too; namely, Foster Friess and Sheldon Adelson. They gave at least $30,000,000 between them for the primary losing candidates. You think they'll step up for the general?

  • Contran Corporation - $20,000,000
  • Harold C. Simmons, Contran Corp - $10,000,000
  • Irving Moskowitz, Moskowitz Foundation - $1,000,000
  • TRT Holdings, Inc, holding company for Robert Rowling, Omni Hotels, Gaylord Hotels, and Gold's Gym owner Irving, TX - $1,000,000
  • Whiteco Industries, Indiana - $1,000,000
  • Kenneth C. Griffin, Citadel Investment Group CEO - $700,000
  • Philip H. Geier, Jr. (see Johanna Howard above) - $500,000
  • Philip H. Geier, Chairman Emeritus, The Geier Group - $500,000
  • Kenny A Troutt, Mt. Vernon Investments LP - $500,000
  • SW Childs Management Corp - $500,000
  • Crow Holdings, LLC - $500,000
  • Alliance Management Holdings - $400,000
  • Weaver Popcorn Company, Indiana - $400,000
  • Janet Duchossois - $250,000
  • Richard Baxter Gilliam, Cumberland Resources - $250,000
  • Stephens Investment Holdings, LLC - $250,000
  • W. Ed Bosarge, Quantlab Financial - $200,000
  • Al G. Hill, Jr, (grandson of oil baron HL Hunt) AG Hill & Partners - $200,000
  • Porter Bennett, Ponderosa Advisors - $150,000
  • JJ Matthews, TX - $150,000
  • William B. Harrison, Jr. (former JP Morgan Chase CEO) - $100,000
  • John L Nau, III, Silver Eagle Distributors - $100,000
  • Samuel Zell, Equity International - $100,000
  • Alpha Natural Resources, LLC - $100,000
  • Hubbard Broadcasting (right wing radio) - $100,000

Just for a little contrast, I went and looked up the Priorities USA Super PAC which raises money for President Obama. Other than the Bill Maher million, there were six other six-figure or more donors, raising a total of $2.5 million. His big donors (six-figures or more) were Maher, Anne Earhart, Perennial Strategy Group, Kareem Ahmed, CEO of Landmark Medical Management, Amy P Goldman, Bernard L Schwartz and Andrew E. Beck, managing director of DE Shaw & Co.

There is no parity between the big money flowing into Mitt Romney's campaign and the big money flowing into President Obama's. While the president has the small donor advantage by a ratio of 10:1, Romney has the lock on the big bucks, which should answer the question for everyone about who represents the 99 percent, and who represents the 1 percent.

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