Meet Scott Walker's Billionaires

With the campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in full thrust even as he is investigated for corruption, I thought you all might like to meet his billionaires. He has several.

For instance, David Koch donated $1,000,000 to the Republican Governor's Association on February 1, 2012, which coincidentally was the same day Governor Walker signed a bill into law expanding the "open enrollment" period for public schools which is all part of the effort to turn Wisconsin public schools into a "free market." The Koch-funded MacIver Institute crowed all over the lovely "free education market," thanks to Scott Walker. Also on that day, Democrats revealed three candidates running against Wisconsin state senators up for recall. While it's unclear that the million donated was for Scott Walker, I note that Scott Walker is the only guy in need of the billionaire backing at this particular moment in time.

Scott Walker's out-of-state support has been remarkable. Out of the $4.5 million he raised in the first quarter of 2012, nearly $4 million came from out-of-state donors in the five-week period before the limits on donations for the recall kicked in, and most donors were boys sitting at the Billionaire Boys' Club table. Here are a few notable out-of-state names, industries and donation amounts:

Wealthy Wisconsinites ponied up, too. Here are a few:

  • Mary Sue Shannon, $100,000. Mrs Shannon is married to Michael Shannon, managing director of KSL Capital Partners, LLC
  • , a Denver investment company

  • Robert Kerbell, $50,000. Mr. Kerbell is the CEO of Lorman Education Services, a company that provides online continuing education seminars.
  • Ostrom, Vostors and Willer are all affiliated with or own Milksource, LLC. They donated a combined $91,000 to the effort.

Walker has a lot of money in his war chest with the promise of more where that came from. After all, those out-of-state donations come from a short list of right-wing insiders, some Koch and others not. Assume there are plenty more where that came from and they're not afraid to spend it to keep him in that governor's mansion. Phone banks, dirty ads, mailers, and the full faith and credit of Koch-based organizations like Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks will keep Walker fully supplied with the ground troops to wage his war.

It will take all of the 99 percent to push back and win against Walker.


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