Michele Bachmann: Lawmaker, Lawbreaker

[oldembed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/FEf09PWl71o" width="400" height="241" resize="1" fid="21"]

Michele Bachmann goes to Washington to legislate. Legislate means "making laws". Strangely enough, Bachmann doesn't seem to understand what it means to comply with those laws.

The ad at the top is the newest attack ad against Tarryl Clark, Bachmann's capable progressive opponent. Although Bachmann appears at the beginning of the ad for 3 seconds, it is not in compliance with election laws in Minnesota.

Seph Tanner at Daily Kos explains:

Can you spot what's wrong with this ad? Well for one, it's a bunch of malarkey, but you probably knew that before you even hit Play. But more embarrassingly for the Bachmann campaign, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota contends that it also violates federal election law:

The Communications Act of 1934 permits a federal candidate receiving the lowest unit charge to air a television ad that makes direct reference to another candidate for the same office only if, at the end of the broadcast, both a photo and disclaimer from the candidate appear for no less than four seconds. Representative Bachmann's disclaimer in her most recent ad does not comply, as her image does not appear anywhere at the end of the advertisement.

Yes, Bachmann appears at the beginning, but only for 3 seconds. But of course, we all know the beginning is not the end, nor does 3 seconds equal 4 seconds. There's a reason for the requirement to be at the end, too. When it's at the beginning, viewers may miss that portion entirely and only make the negative association, without knowing it's an ad generated by a direct opponent.

Bachmann knows all this. She's been in Washington long enough, and conducted campaigns for long enough to know. It's just more of her dirty elbowsleeve politics at work.

Tarryl Clark can use all the help she can get, too. Please donate to her campaign if you're able.


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