Mitt Romney: Tea Party's Mean Dream

Mitt Romney is one of the meanest, nastiest candidates for President who has ever run, which makes him perfect for today's Republicans. They've lifted bullying, lying, cheating and stealing to an art form, which is finally bringing the Tea Party around to his side.

As this lovely compilation from the DNC illustrates, there is no lie too small for Mitt Romney. Just yesterday, he sent his Brooks Brothers buddies out to shout down David Axelrod at a press conference while claiming that if Obama supporters were going to disrupt and heckle at his rallies, he was going to play by the same rules. Only, the only people heckling and shouting down belong to Mitt's side, and are simply doing the bidding of the campaign, who has sworn to show up at every Obama campaign event, heckling and driving buses around. Because somehow, this is effective campaigning? Actually, it's pretty delusional thinking.

Well, as it turns out, it's only effective if you're still trying to play to your base, and Mitt seems to be having a tough time getting them to fall in love with him, though they're slowly coming around.

Jed Lewison at Daily Kos:

To put it another way, these conservatives are realizing that Mitt Romney, Cranbook's senior bully, and Mitt Romney, 2012 Republican nominee, are one and the same—and they'd love nothing more than to see Eric Fehrnstrom pin President Obama to the floor as Willard shaves that crazy hair right off Obama's head, lest it turn into an Afro.

They really aren't paying attention the substance of what he says, at least when it comes to policy, because so much of what Romney says on policy is a jumbled mess of contradictions and falsehoods. But when Romney goes after Obama, it really gets them hot-and-bothered.

For example, when Romney yesterday defended sending his staff to disrupt an Obama press conference on his gubernatorial record, he said he was merely responding to heckling from Obama. That would be reasonable (though childish) if true ... but it was utterly false. And nothing makes conservatives hornier than a brazen lie told in pursuit of the destruction of Barack Obama.

Boy, ain't that the truth. But Mitt Romney is not a nice guy, nor has he ever been. This is the truer side of Willard -- cold, ruthless, dishonest, childish, and vengeful. Conservative values!


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