Mitt Romney's Warped Idea Of 'Leadership'

I guess Mitt Romney hasn't gotten the word from his billionaires yet on what he should say in response to the immigration issue, and particularly the Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070. Instead of having a strong policy statement of his own, he chose the cowardly and overused attack on the President's leadership, which is ironic considering that it was the Obama administration who brought forward the challenge put in front of the court.

Politico has a report of how the Romney campaign is responding when pressed for actual answers to the issues at hand, which is to say, how they are not responding. Where is his immigration billionaire with the pen and the answers? Poor Mittens had to just bob and weave his way through it:

GORKA: "The governor supports the states' rights to craft immigration laws when the federal government has failed to do so. This president promised as a candidate to address immigration in his first year and hasn’t, and waited actually ‘til four and a half months before the election to put in place a stopgap measure."

QUESTION: So does he think it's wrongly decided?

GORKA: "The governor supports the states' rights to do this. It's a 10th amendment issue."

QUESTION: So he thinks it's constitutional?

GORKA: "The governor believes the states have the rights to craft their own immigration laws, especially when the federal government has failed to do so."

QUESTION: And what does he think about parts invalidated?

GORKA: "What Arizona has done and other states have done is a direct result of the failure of this president to address illegal immigration. It's within their rights to craft those laws and this debate, and the Supreme Court ruling is a direct response of the president failing to address this issue."

QUESTION: Does (Romney) support the law as it was drafted in Arizona?

GORKA: "The governor supports the right of states, that's all we're going to say on this issue."

QUESTION: Does he have a position on the law, or no position?

GORKA: "The governor has his own immigration policy that he laid out in Orlando and in the primary, which he would implement as president which would address this issue. Whereas Obama has had four years in the office and has yet to address it in a meaningful way."

And on and on it goes. No Romney policy. No opinion on whether or not the Arizona law was valid or not valid. Just the usual blah, blah, blah-de-blah argle-bargle Obama blah, blah immigration, blah, blah states' rights, blah blah, leadership.

It's absurd and insulting. Every American has an opinion on this, for better or worse. Mitt Romney could possibly be the only candidate running for President who has managed to either have no opinions, reverse them on a near-daily basis, or wait for his billionaires to pony up the biggest check in exchange for one.


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