Question For Sharron Angle: What Part Of "Second Amendment Remedy" Was Out Of Context?

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Sharron Angle thinks the media has taken her out of context -- what a shocker!

When CNN caught up with Angle at one of her Las Vegas campaign stops, she complained some of her more controversial statements had been taken out of context. "As you speak, as we're conversationally speaking, sometimes when you pick out words, they're not the best words you could have used," she told CNN in a rare one-on-one interview. "When taken out of context, you can make anybody look like they don't know what they're talking about," she elaborated.

Harry Reid disagrees.

"It's a little hard to take out of context when they say they want to phase out Social Security," Reid responded to CNN. "Her words are what she is. My words are what I am. So I don't think you can run from what you say and what you do."

There's an epidemic of contextual errors these days, it seems. Is Angle saying that she didn't mean it when she talked about "second amendment remedies" with regard to the Obama administration? Or did I misunderstand the context of her reference to "domestic enemies" inside this Administration? What part of "eliminate the Department of Education" did they get out of context? Perhaps Angle can supply some much needed context to her remarks about the unemployed being spoiled, lazy, or 13-15 year old rape victims making the best of a 'bad situation'.

Not to worry, my friends. Sharron Angle promises she'll be a "mainstream Senator". Or did the media get the context wrong on that, too? The only way Sharron Angle would be mainstream is if the river ran right through the Republic of Crazy.


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