Americans United For Change 'Romney-Gekko 2012' Campaign Launches New Ad

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Americans United for Change's Romney-Gekko 2012 campaign, seeking to expose the full truth about Mitt Romney's excessive greed and agenda supporting the one percent, launched a new parody ad highlighting the Republican presidential candidate's use of offshore tax havens in the Cayman Islands. The ad is a take-off of a series of recent ads for Corona Beer that show a couple lounging on a Caribbean beach. In this instance, the viewer sees two men on the beach in suits, clearly meant to be Mitt Romney and Gordon "Greed Is Good" Gekko. In the background two airplanes fly by with banners reading "Welcome to the Caymans -- Home of Mitt's Millions" and "'Cuz Paying Taxes Is 4 Poor People... Romney-Gekko 2012."

The Romney-Gekko 2012 campaign (a satirical project of Americans United for Change) unveiled the third in its series of mock campaign ads (web video) today called “Find Your Tax Haven. “ The ad, inspired by Corona’s “Find Your Beach” campaign, follows ABC News’ report last week that Mitt Romney is ‘Parking Millions in the Cayman Islands’ . The Wall Street Journal’s follow-up reporting found that the Romney campaign’s claims that this has no effect on the amount he pays in U.S. taxes “may be wrong or misleading” according tax experts who “said some of the offshore holdings are likely intended to help Mr. Romney avoid paying an obscure but hefty tax of as much as 35% on some of those investments, held in a tax-deferred retirement account.”

Corporate raider Gordon “Greed is good” Gekko rushed to the defense of his embattled running mate. “Paying your fair share in taxes is for wimps, not guys like Mitt and me” cackled Gekko via a Motorolo DynaTAC, coincidentally phoning in from an undisclosed Caribbean location. “So what if the malfunctioning corporation called the USA loses $100 billion in revenue each year with corporations and 1 percenters taking advantage of these offshore tax havens? Sure that leaves the average American stiff paying over $400 more, but it’s a zero sum game, sport. Somebody wins and somebody loses.”

The Romney-Gekko 2012 campaign website has a lot more, including a quiz, which is quite difficult, on whether a particular quote was uttered by Romney or Gekko. It also has a map of Romney's money chase, more information about the real candidate's job elimination record and a blog with the latest news on related stories.


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