Romney Campaign: Real Americans Don't Care About Afghanistan


I'm getting a little tired of the Royal Romneys. Between Ann Romney's imperious delivery of her pronouncement that "you people" have all the information Queen Ann deigns to divulge, and their bilious fundraising colleagues, I start contemplating the possibility of repatriation in the event of a 2012 bought election.

It was in that mood that these words reached my already-hotheaded ears. It seems that to the Romney campaign, "real people", (who one assumes would not be the same as "you people" although perhaps they would be the same if one is a Romney and therefore entitled to hover above the rest of us) do not care about Afghanistan. That's just something we don't worry our little heads about?

Also, it seems that asking a simple policy question is now an attack, causing Ms. Wall to burst forth in indignant anger:

Unfortunately it’s disappointing that the attacks, these recent attacks on all these issues outside of what the issues are relative to Mitt Romney are diverting away from what real Americans want to talk about. And real Americans want to talk about getting back to work.

You know what disappoints this "real American"? The idea that the Romney campaign thinks that people like me who deeply care about Afghanistan's future and our role in it (or not) aren't "real Americans."

After all, she had to say something, I guess, and she couldn't actually articulate Mitt Romney's policy on Afghanistan because (gasp!) it's unintelligible.

Some things should remain mysteries. Others should not, particularly when one expects to be elected President of the United States. Mitt's taxes point directly to how he would approach tax policy. Mitt's policy ideas on Afghanistan point directly to how he would approach foreign policy.

It just isn't enough to say he'd do it like George W. Bush did, but right now, that's all we've got to go on. He has Bush advisors and Bush money boys, so we should assume he would adopt Bush neocon policies. That would mean World War III. For starters.

At least, that's what this "real American" who is now not a "real American" by virtue of her concern about Afghanistan thinks. Take it for what it's worth.


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