Progressive Information Project: Critiques Of Libertarianism, Part 2

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Another example of Sam Seder battling Libertarian logic.

The purpose of the Progressive Information Project is to more widely share resources and information created to advance progressive causes. A lot of good work is being done, but the average progressive often doesn't learn about it or know what is available. This series is designed to help alleviate that problem.

The original inspiration for the Progressive Information Project series was Steve Kangas an earlier pioneer in fighting the right online. One of the people who worked with Kangas back in the day and has made efforts to keep Kangas's legacy alive is a guy named Mike Huben, who also created a brilliant site called Critiques of Libertarianism. If there is a better, more comprehensive website dealing with the fallacies of the Libertarian worldview, I'm not aware of it.

The site, which began in 1994, contains a massive amount of information. Among the many resources offered are:

  • A Non-Libertarian FAQ, A general introduction to discussion with libertarians, with an extensive discussion of arguments commonly used by libertarian evangelists.
  • Robert Locke's 'The American Conservative' article, which Huben says is the best, simplest, clearest indictment of libertarianism to be found
  • Libertarianism in One Lesson, Mike Huben's guide to becoming a libertarian
  • So You Want To Discuss Libertarianism...., Brief, basic ideas about how to discuss libertarianism meaningfully.
  • Quotations relevant to Libertarianism
  • Articles on Rand Paul and Ron Paul
  • An index to sites about logic, propaganda, historical documents, liberalism, and other information relevant to libertarian arguments
  • Criticisms of various LIbertarian philosophers and writers, including Ayn Rand others
  • Reviews of books related to Libertarianism
  • Humor and satire
  • Criticisms of Libertarianism from across the political spectrum, including Libertarians criticizing each other
  • Criticisms of the Cato Institute, George Mason University Economics, Mercatus, Milton Friedman and David Friedman
  • Testimonials by former libertarians
  • Criticisms of the Libertarian Party
  • Real-world details of Libertarian economic experiments
  • Critiques of Libertarian views of the Constitution
  • Libertarian revisionist history
  • Critiques of Libertarian takes on individual issues

    And to show that Huben isn't just a blind ideologue, he includes on the site criticism of his own work.

    For more entries, go to the series index. If you have tips, e-mail me at

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