Mike's Blog Roundup

I don't recall any eruptions of right-wing outrage when a beaming Richard Nixon shook hands with a man responsible for the deaths of untold millions. Or rending of garments and gnashing of teeth when he greeted this sworn enemy of freedom.  There were no reports of wingnut tantrums when St. Ronnie was palling around with this dictator. Of course, a mere handshake can't compare to the love and support lavished on this butcher by every Republican president - and this GOP candidate - from Nixon to GWB. Hell, any semi-literate citizen could fill the page with similar examples for the history-challenged, but excitable denizens of Wingnuttia.  Obama shaking hands with other leaders does not endanger America, but cynical, calculated hypocrisy surely does.

The Mahablog: Must reads at TPM.  I guess I coulda put this together, but Barbara already did it for us...

William K. Wolfrum Chronicles: Now is the time for reflection, not retribution

Emptywheel: Dan Quayle's and Jon Snow's flunkies putting greed ahead of America

unbossed: Another wrinkle in the Bush/DOJ attorneys' scandal

The Aristocrats: silent treatment


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