Descending Into Madness: Glenn Beck Says The Republican Party Is Trying To Politically Assassinate Him, Bachmann And Palin

(h/t Media Matters)

He's losing it.

It's only a matter of time before the men with the strait jacket show up. In Beckistan, not only is world controlled by Soros-funded liberals, but the GOP now wants to "politically assassinate" him and his fellow truth tellers, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that the Republican Party is out to politically assassinate him, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann. [..]

Beck said, “May I just, I mean they’re going to call me a conspiracy theorist, but let’s go on a little conspiracy here, and I don’t claim to know what it is, and maybe it’s all coincidental, but I don’t believe in coincidence. I think there’s something happening with the Republicans and the right that is disturbing. There was a time when Republicans and the right if you will didn’t mind the Tea Party. They used them as fuel, but if you’ll notice Michele Bachmann is now enemy number one. Michelle Bachmann is being discredited like I haven’t seen before, and they’ve tried for a while, but like I haven’t seen before. Even those in Congress are distancing themselves from the Tea Party and the caucus, and you can make excuses and maybe some of them are valid, maybe. “

He floated his conspiracy theory that the GOP was out to politically assassinate himself, Bachmann and Palin, “Sarah Palin has always been pilloried by the left, but have you noticed the right and how she’s being pilloried? The same with me. The same with CPAC. Are decks being cleared? Is it just a coincidence, or is the 2012 presidential election raising its head now, and anyone who talks about freedom, or is a real wild card that could hurt the party, are they being politically assassinated at this point?”

I'm going to give him the contextual benefit of the doubt that he means "discredit" when he talks about "political assassination", but it's a little hard to be absolutely sure with Beck, isn't it? Should members of the GOP fear the Beck ultra-loyalists, like Byron Williams?

Although he does not mention him by name, Beck is apparently nursing his wounded ego over being summarily dismissed as an unserious conspiracist by William Kristol and lashing out. For someone so eager to paint others in a conspiratorial light, he certainly is thin-skinned, as evidenced by his recent similar attacks on Lawrence O'Donnell.


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