Rush Limbaugh Discovers Siri Has A Liberal Bias

Personally, I think that this is a huge argument for rehab, but maybe Siri is really just out to get Rush. The Blaze (you've been warned) has the story: On his radio show Tuesday, Limbaugh told the incredible, creepy, and funny story of how

Republican Priorities

Nothing illustrates Republican priorities more starkly than this little piece of video, where Fox News host Martha MacCallum opines that we'd have more of a solid fiscal position to pay for wars if we didn't have Medicare and Social

Cat Food Chair Alan Simpson Thinks I'm Greedy And Stupid

Alan Simpson is feeling a little besieged these days. It seems people aren't taking too kindly to his proposals to cut a chunk out of their Social Security benefits, and they're saying so. But Simpson said that while every interest group that

An August Suggestion

I concur. So, why not officially make August Stupid American Month. It already is the month when we are asked to care about every crazy conspir