FNS: McCain Says Palin Is A Counter To "Liberal Feminist Agenda"

Oh good lord, is he kidding me?

WALLACE: ...(H)asn't Governor Palin become a drag on your ticket?

MCCAIN: As a cold political calculation, I could not be more pleased. She has excited and energized our base. She is a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America. She has a wonderful family. She's a reformer. She's a conservative. She's the best thing that could have happened to my campaign and to America

A cold political calculation to counter the liberal feminist agenda? Somebody has been listening to Rush's "feminazi" rants a little too much.

Between his air quotes around 'health of the mother', the self-admitted cold calculation that women vote with their vaginas and would migrate en masse from Hillary to his campaign, and his record of being against equal pay, health care funded birth control and choice, I'd say that this is either a really lame rationalization for the worst campaign ever or he specifically doesn't want women voting for him.

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