Hardball: Who Has A Plan And Who Is Being Ideological?

(h/t Silent Patriot)

It's getting harder and harder to be a Republican flack these days. Poor Ed "Who the F@&# is that guy?" Rogers summons up his very best Lee Atwater training to throw whatever he can at Barack Obama, but the uncharacteristically pugnacious Bob Shrum isn't having it.

Even Chris Matthews is finding the whole thing laughable:

ED ROGERS: Obama, rather, is able to get away with platitudes. He says things like, you know, we‘re for justice, and we‘re for peace, and we‘re for prosperity.

MATTHEWS: No, he says unity. (LAUGHTER) He says unity.

ROGERS: Unity is a platitude.



MATTHEWS: Well, why doesn‘t your party use it?

Oh boy, that's just not flying, Eddie, is it? Undaunted, Rogers launches into the tired redistribution of income meme (Um, hello, Ed? Social Security, Medicare, fire departments, police departments...what do you think those are, you hack?), claiming that Obama doesn't have a plan--just an ideological belief.

Teh stoopid, it hurts. What is "you don't raise taxes" except ideological mumbo jumbo, especially when McCain is spinning mightily to distance himself from Bush?

ROGERS: McCain is a legitimate opponent of the status quo in Washington, period. He should get credit for that. He always has been. He‘s not for more of the same. And, yet...

MATTHEWS: He said he supports the Bush tax cuts.

Seriously, Ed. This desperate flailing about just isn't working. Even Chris Matthews, for whom politics trumps all, isn't buying it.

Transcripts at MSNBC.

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