Real Time's New Rules: Beware Those Looking Forward To End Times

Bill Maher has new rules for political "soulmates", gay French ambassadors, Amy Winehouse and any American who is considering voting for a candidate who seeks healing from witch doctors.

And finally, new rule: You can’t be President if you practice a violent, Middle Eastern religion and worship a genocidal desert god. Which is why Sarah Palin can’t be President. Now all the churches that Sarah Palin has attended, and she’s been to almost as many churches as she has colleges, have one thing in common: a belief that the Bible is literally true. She’s not “Country First”, she’s “Bible First”. And not just the New Testament. That’s the happy half of the book: the baby in the manger, Jesus doing magic tricks, long romantic walks on the water that turn into fishing trips with the guys and a generally positive message. Jesus, after all, preached love and forgiveness, not shooting wolves from an airplane.

The problem is Gov. Avon Lady, she takes the Old Testament literally too, and in that one, God is an insecure, rage-filled hybrid of Bobby Knight and Suge Knight. He’s been alive forever and He has anger issues. He’s like John McCain if John McCain could fart hail. He’s pro-slavery, pro-polygamy and homophobic and he’ll kill you for masturbating. More people get stoned in the Old Testament than in my Jacuzzi. That’s what I have to tell you guys… If there was a video of Barack Obama standing in front of his congregation being healed by a black witch doctor, this election would be over.

But there is that video of Sarah Palin.

By the way, for those of you keep track, Jane congratulates Bill for his "Religulous" kicking "An American Carol"'s tail on opening weekend. Considering that AAC wouldn't preview the film for critics, I think it's safe to say it's about as funny as the 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour.

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