Rubio Complains About Negative Campaign Ads Then Excuses Birtherism

(h/t Heather)

Gather mah smellin' salts, Imma gettin' the vapuhs! Oh mah stars, whatevah happened to civility among those people?

Marco Rubio, whose family has suffered as political, immigrated here in the customary manner, just finds Barack Obama so very, very divisive during this rough campaign season.

But I personally know people that have never voted for a Democrat who voted for him in 2008 because they loved what his candidacy said about America and they were hoping he would be some sort of a new figure in American politics that would elevate the political discourse and help our country move forward on the things we all agree on. Now, that Barack Obama is long gone. As I-- as I've said repeatedly 'hope and change' has been replaced by 'divide and conquer.'

Cry me a river, Marco. The Republican Party has called into question this president's birth, college career, and everything else they can think of. But once again, Republicans protest the exact thing of which they are guilty.

Even Bob Schieffer finds it hard to swallow, pointing out that Rubio's candidate just dived right into the birtherism swap, but donchaknow, it's okay when a Republican does it:

BOB SCHIEFFER: Friday, Mitt Romney made what he called a joke in his home state of Michigan. Here's what he said:

MITT ROMNEY: Oh, I love being home in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.

BOB SCHIEFFER: The Obama campaign immediately seized on this and said he's trying to associate himself with the most strident voices in the Republican Party, the birthers, Donald Trump and all of that. What's your take on that?

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO: Well, my take on it is that there is no debate in my mind about where the President was born and whether he is qualified to hold office on the basis of his birth. The President himself has joked about it. And-- and now, you know, obviously, we live in a political environment where we should be careful about everything we say. I can tell you I've heard Mitt Romney repeatedly address this issue and debunk it as a nonissue.

Sorry, have to call BS on this one. I need to see one instance--just one--where Mitt Romney has stood up to the extremist fringe. Name one. Did he tell Rush not to call Sandra Fluke a slut? Did he tell Todd Akin that he has absolutely no idea how a woman's reproductive system works? Did he tell Ted Nugent that we don't threaten to shoot those with whom we disagree? Did he tell Donald Trump to ixnay on the birth certificate?

Nope, nope, not a chance and a big fat no.

So spare me the pearl clutching of how 'divisive' Mr. "There is no red America, there is no blue America, there is only the United States of America" is when PACs he cannot control do ads that hurt your candidate.

When we have a Dinesh D'Souza making up crap on our side, maybe Rubio would have a leg to stand on.


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