Gems From Last Night's Presidential Debate Follies

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It's kind of hard to explain what's in Mitt's tax plan, but he did drop some hints about what wanted to do in last night's presidential debate -- in between incredibly dishonest but plausible-sounding statements about everything else:

  • He wants to put a cap of $25,000 on total deductions - so if you have a large mortgage deduction, that's it.
  • He wants to keep people who have savings from being taxed on them. But you're not taxed on savings, you're taxed on any interest they earn. Savings accounts are paying almost no interest now, so big whoop. But more to the point: Seriously, people still have savings? Talk about throwing us a bone!
  • He says Obama wants bureaucrats telling people to use contraceptives. A Mormon nightmare, to be sure!
  • Mittens attacked Obama for sending jobs to China -- and Obama didn't respond .by bringing up Sensata What the what?
  • His solution to immigration reform? Let them be cannon fodder for our next war!
  • POTUS sez: The difference between Mittens and Shrub? Bush wasn't as extreme on immigration, Medicare and banning funding for contraception.
  • Random thought: In the state of Massachusetts, with more colleges per square foot than any state in the union -- including Harvard, M.I.T., Tufts, Boston University, Boston College, Smith, Wellesley, and Mount Holyoke -- and Mittens had to form a special search committee to find "qualified" women for his administration?
  • Mittens claims if he were president and one of our embassies was attacked, he would know what happened RIGHT AWAY. Because the right answers would be beamed into his head from outer space?

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