Matthew Dowd Calls Komen Backlash 'Corrupt, Poisonous Part Of Democracy'


Ah, the bold hackery of This Week's Matthew Dowd, former Democrat and born-again Bush-Cheney campaign strategist! He regurgitates the exact same argument spewed by NRO's "The Corner" earlier this week about the Komen foundation and quickly replicated throughout the right-wing and corporate media: Namely, how dare those liberals try to bully the Komen Foundation out of giving money to whoever they choose?

DOWD: I think that this demonstrates -- to me demonstrates the corrupt nature that's happened in politics has now bled into the privates, but (inaudible) view as the private sector, which is...

STEPHANOPOULOS: What do you mean by that?

DOWD: That there is now -- a private foundation can give and dispense money any way it wants. It can choose to give money -- people could have said when they first gave the money to Planned Parenthood, was that a good idea? Nobody sort of screamed and yelled. But all of a sudden they say we're going to take $700,000 back of private donations, which most people that gave money to Susan Komen Foundation had no idea they were going to go to -- be going to Planned Parenthood.

And so now what we see in Congress, this bitter response any time somebody does something, everybody screams and yell. Whether or not Congress should be investigating Planned Parenthood we can have an argument over. I don't think they should be in the middle of that. But I don't think Planned...


STEPHANOPOULOS: ... who say this is democracy at work...


DOWD: I think this is a -- this is a corrupt, poisonous part of democracy at work. I think foundations should be able to make a decision, and if Planned Parenthood wants to go out and raise the money...

Ah, yes. The "corrupt, poisonous part of democracy." The part where the peasants finally rise up and say, "You want our money? Don't screw the organizations that do useful work." Boy, they really do hate it when the hoi polloi gets uppity, huh? The wingnuts blame the Komen backlash on "Big Abortion" because they're so very disconnected from the women who, at some point or another, know that Planned Parenthood was there for them when they needed help. I guess it's just unthinkable that a young girl needing birth control doesn't go with Mummy to Mummy's OB-GYN, and then it's off to a nice lunch where Mummy twinkles at her daughter over the quiche and salad while she hands over Nana's antique pearls: "Now that you're so grown up, it's time that you had these."

Or maybe Mummy's personal assistant drives Bitsy to the doctor because Mummy's out swilling gin with the rest of the Republican fundraisers. I'm not really sure how the upper classes live these days, but at least I know I'm just making things up. The talking heads of our corporate media? They so frequently confuse their fantasies with real life.


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