Mike's Blog Roundup

Prairie Weather: How much faith do you have in your judicial system? AfterDowningStreet: Cheney's top torture lawyers now work for Obama SCOTUSblog:

Mike's Blog Roundup

South Florida Lawyers: Did you know that if you graduated summa from Princeton and were EIC of the Yale Law Review, that makes you "intellectually med

The Roberts Court

Aside from a few high-profile issues, most Supreme Court decisions are read into the casebooks without public notice. We've gone almost four full year

More Thoughts On The Supreme Court

John mentioned the Alito confirmation in his post earlier about the SCOTUS decision, I looked for a more big picture consideration of this court. Cert

Mike's Blog Round Up

Pam's House Blend: 'Homosexual agenda'= Nazi agenda. Anyone confused about what constitues fascism should take this this quiz. Tristram Shandy: Why a