McCain Backs Off His Criticism Of Susan Rice

After formerly comparing the drummed up "Benghazi-gate" to Watergate, and demanding that Ambassador Susan Rice go on television and apologize for her remarks, it seems John McCain is finally getting tired of making a fool of himself and is backing

McCain Compares Drummed Up Benghazi-Gate To Watergate

Who needs Fox when you've got CBS doing double duty for them with interviews like this one with Sen. John McCain on Face the Nation? The Republicans have been foaming at the mouth since the embassy attack over a month and a half ago in Libya and now

Marsha Blackburn Calls 'Benghazi-Gate' 'Worse Than Watergate'

Last week, it was Mike Huckabee comparing the latest trumped up non-scandal to Watergate and suggesting that President Obama should be impeached over the handling of the embassy attack in Libya. Now we've got flamethrower Rep. Marsh Blackburn making