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Did The NYPD Invent Murder Ties To Smear Occupy Wall Street?

On Tuesday, the local New York City NBC affiliate ran a story based on an unnamed source leaking information on a murder case, with the following headline, "DNA links Occupy protest scene to 2004 murder." There had been a break in the eight-years-cold investigation of the murder of Sarah Fox in Inwood Hill Park. DNA evidence recovered from her CD player, found near her corpse, matched DNA taken from a chain used to hold open a subway door in the fare strike conducted by wildcat transit union members and Occupy Wall Street activists.

Romney Suggests Reporters Should Reveal Confidential Sources

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday told reporters and bloggers that he could "imagine a time" when they would have to reveal confidential sources. "Just the last few years since my last campaign, the changes in your

Harry Reid And The Public Option

So it may turn out that Harry Reid was the hero in the public option after all. Much of the hoopla surrounding Reid's decision centers around a tense