13 Arrested After PNC Bank Breaks Promise To Work With Wrongfully Evicted Family

Minneapolis - Around 6:30am Thursday morning a large balloon banner reading "Evictions Stop Here" was deployed above the embattled home of the Cruz family as 15 supporters of the Cruz family began an occupation of the rooftop in protest of the family's unjust foreclosure. By 8:30am two were cut out of a lockbox device with an electric saw, handcuffed, taken down a ladder and arrested for trespassing. The action kicks off a national day of action in 18 cities demanding PNC Bank negotiate with the family to allow them to return to their home.

An August Suggestion

I concur. So, why not officially make August Stupid American Month. It already is the month when we are asked to care about every crazy conspir

Some People Are Stupider Than Others

Ross Douthat tries a new approach to attack gay marriage. He dressed it up in some intellectual conservative costume, but it's still the same old bull

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Open Thread

The whole Emo-bama thing started with Balloon Juice, and I decided it wasn't enough to just add Rahm Emo-nuel. To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, it'