Bob Gates

Never Leaving Afghanistan

John Nagl and Nathaniel Fick, both of the Center for a New American Security, had an op-ed in last Sunday's NY Times. They're both former military officers, now big think-tank executives, and they decided to report on the Great Progress our armed

Five Year Threats

Iran's nuclear weapons, North Korea's ballistic missiles, and bioterrorism incidents will always be five years away from threatening the United States, no matter what year it is. BTW, Happy Birthday to Ziggy Stardust, he turned 64 on

MIKE'S Blog Roundup

ginandtacos: 'Democrats-as-socialists' comments are particularly lame coming from someone like the CEO of Coca Cola. Dirt-cheap, subsidized corn sweet

Gates: Obama 'More Analytical' Than Bush

[media id=7455] Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told NBC's David Gregory that there are some differences of note between President Obama and Presid