Midday Open Thread (While I Play Catch-Up)

Matt Stoller a great assessment up of the elections, the netroots and Rummy's firing. Matt also goes into what impact Rahm actually didn't have. TNR also has a summary up and saying that the greatest impact came from the netroots (ht Mo from the comments).

Larry Johnson has some warnings on our possible new Secretary of Defense:

Before the media goes overboard extolling the virtues of Bob Gates as the replacement for Don Rumsfeld, it is important to look back at Gates' record and reputation. Gates has some "splaining" to do. The press has forgotten that Bob Gates, during his time at CIA, acquired a reputation for trying to tailor intelligence to satisfy political masters in the Reagan White House...read on


And that is the InstaPundit himself, Glen Reynolds joining in via webcam at last night's blogger party.

"Just saw them saying on CNN that 'Corruption' was the number one issue mentioned by voters in exit polls. If -- and it's a big "if" -- this is an accurate reflection I think the GOP will wish it had passed all those promised ethics reforms that it didn't deliver," says Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.


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