Larry Johnson

Loose Nukes

It’s still very hard to fathom how something like this can happen, even accidentally. I realize that there are occasional bureaucratic snafus in any

Terrible Shooting In VA...

Man, I don't write much about these stories, but it's very sad. Glenn Reynolds solution is more guns... Update: Larry Johnson The next time

Crazy Fox Propaganda

(Guest blogged by Logan Murphy) Former Fox analyst and CIA Agent Larry Johnson, who we've covered here and here has put together a great round u


Keith Olbermann had on Larry Johnson Tuesday, to discuss the case of Mary McCarthy, who was fired from the CIA for failing a polygraph. Larry talks a

Late Night Open Thread

Newsie8200 has the Sunday Talk Show lineup posted. Larry Johnson has a new piece called: "George W. Bush, Rogue President" "If you saw Cameron's ve