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Singularly Bad Idea: Wall Street Taking Over Public Education

Hedge fund CEOs and various kinds of slick venture capitalists see tapping the public education "market"- the pool of public dollars federal, state, and local governments spend on education- as a great new way to make big bucks. Many of these investors hoping for big payoffs, including some of the Walton family and the Koch brothers, also have very conservative political agendas. So when you hear politicians from both parties tout all the glories of charter schools and vouchers, ask yourself this question: Do you really want Wall Street hedge funds- hedge funds being the ultimate speculators on Wall Street- running our educational system? Will we have charter school-backed securities that these hedge funds can speculate in and manipulate the price of? Charter school bubbles that will blow up in our faces? If charter schools don't make quite as much money as the hedge funds think they will, will there be a massive disinvestment in schools?
Mark Gleason: Piggie Of The Week
Image from: Helen Gym

Mark Gleason: Piggie Of The Week

For years, Philadelphia's schools have been underfunded (even before our current psychotic governor blew a $304 million hole in the budget. We've been a laboratory of privatization, charter schools, and pretty much every bullshit "reform" imaginable. Now, Philadelphia School Partnership executive director Mark Gleason inadvertently admitted what the rest of us have known for years: as the reformers see it, some children are winners... and some are simply losers. As it is on Wall Street, so shall it be in the classroom.