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Michelle Rhee, Hands Off California!

Jerry Brown came to the California legislature at once triumphant but still breathing fire during his State of the State address last week. While declaring victory over California's budget deficits, he had some choice words for the education

US Chamber Pimps Education Deform And The Greed Agenda

Success on Main St depends on success in the classroom. Take a stand for #edreform. #breakthemonopoly — U.S. Chamber's ICW (@USChamberICW) September 28, 2012 "Won't Back Down" is a huge flop at the box office. No surprise

Sam Seder: Education Reformers' Double Standard

First of all, a big round of applause for Sam Seder and his terrific job guest-hosting Up With Chris Hayes this weekend. More of him, please? Today Sam spent a long time on education in the context of the teachers' strike, and of all the

Meet The Press Gives Free Ad Time To Michelle Rhee

(h/t Heather at VideoCafe) What does it take to no longer have any credibility? If one is accepted into the Inner Circle of the Very Serious People, it appears that there is very little that one can do to possibly discredit oneself from the