This Should Be Fun: Gawker Hires 'Mole' At Fox News

There's little I enjoy more than the "unvarnished insider peek at wingnuttia" genre (here's one of my favorites) -- and it looks like there's going to be quite a few more entries soon. I work at Fox News Channel. The final straw for me came

It's Not Just Your Tweets That Belong To Us

Recently I reported on the Manhattan District Attorney who subpoenaed the Twitter account of @destructuremal (aka 23-year-old Brooklyn writer Malcolm Harris) because of his participation in Occupy Wall Street...

Fox News' Preemptive Strike Against Gawker

Fox News is all about preemptive strikes. They were cheerleaders for it in Iraq. They still are...unless Obama does it. Then it would be anti-American, socialist and an affront to all things good and decent. Anyway, if I've learned anything