Rupertgate Tuesday - The Smoking Son.

Rupertgate Tuesday with new discoveries that James Murdoch was aware of the phone hacking scandal as early as 2008. A release of an e-mail which was sent to Murdoch by then-Editor of News Of The World Colin Myler regarding the extent of phone hacking at the Murdoch-owned tabloid.

Rupertgate Wednesday - Sleazing By Example.

News of the latest in the continuing Murdoch Saga. Word on the resignation of James Murdoch from Newscorp and the latest on the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking, which extends beyond the Murdoch empire.

Koch Brand Found To Have Cain In It!

In June of this year, AlterNet quietly published an article about Herman Cain's deep ties to Americans for Prosperity. At the time, no one paid close attention because most people had no idea who Herman Cain was or why they should care. But now

Rupertgate Thursday - Post Mortem And Prevarications.

Two reports via The Guardian. The first is Politics Weekly from July 21 and a recap of the big story and the fallout and some of the repercussions. The second is a Media Talk Special with members of the Guardian and an audience discussing the implications of the hearings and how it may impact the US as the story continues to widen.

Rupertgate Thursday - The Games Begin.

Rupertgate Thursday - just disclosed and confirmed that both James and Rupert Murdoch will appear before the Home Affairs Select Committee regarding the Phone Hacking Scandal.