'The Secret Of The Seven Sisters' – Episode 2 – The Black El Dorado

The Black El Dorado: Everybody thought there could be oil in Sudan but nobody knew anything. It was revealed through exploration by the American company Chevron, towards the end of the 70s. And that was the beginning of the second civil war, which went on until 2002. It lasted for 19 years and cost a million and a half lives and the oil business was at the heart of it

FOIA Documents Show FBI Was Watching Occupy Oakland

Thousands of Occupy Oakland Protesters succeed in shutting down the Oakland Port in December of last year. The Oakland Port is the 5th busiest in the United States. Not surprising that the FBI was keeping close tabs on Occupy Oakland last

Documentary: 'Occupy The Bay'

Official trailer for the documentary film "Occupy the Bay." “Occupy the Bay” is a documentary video project directed by Jonathan Riley and produced by Kevin Pina/Long Memory Productions. The one-hour documentary chronicles the local

Occupy By The Bay

"Occupy the Bay" chronicles the Oakland incarnation of the Occupy Movement and focuses on events in the Bay Area and their impact. From Occupy Oakland's port shutdowns and controversial decision to embrace a "diversity of tactics," to

What Do Florida Republicans See In Rick Scott?

Seriously, I wrote about Rick Scott's swiftboating, lying ways way back in May. Back then I told you about how even if Florida voters overlooked his swiftboaty tactics, they should not and could not overlook his lying, criminal conduct with regard