Polls, Dead Fish, And A Crazy Electorate

Are the polls making you as nutty as they're making me? They're defying all of my gut instincts right now, with this crazy up and down, back and forth, counterintuitive crazymaking. I told you I'm not a poll truther and I'm not, which is why

Why Isn't Obama Dominating The Polls?

In the comments on my Romney/Bain/Big Tobacco post, I heard a lot of people saying "Enough about Romney, we believe! Why is the race so close?" Is the race really as close as we think it is? Or is that a perception driven by the Romney

Romney Tax Plan REVEALED

There are a lot of variables at hand in a serious discussion of tax policy. The Romney/Ryan team have been widely criticized for a lack of specificity in their tax proposal. To be honest, they just haven't had time. The distractions of the

The Vagueness Of Romney’s Ideas Is Hurting... Democrats?

That Mitt Romney’s shaky credentials, inexcusable demeanour and political acumen are rather less than presidential has become painfully obvious even to his own rightwing base. His defiant secrecy over his tax returns and his involvement in

Open Thread

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