'The Secret Of The Seven Sisters' – Episode 2 – The Black El Dorado

The Black El Dorado: Everybody thought there could be oil in Sudan but nobody knew anything. It was revealed through exploration by the American company Chevron, towards the end of the 70s. And that was the beginning of the second civil war, which went on until 2002. It lasted for 19 years and cost a million and a half lives and the oil business was at the heart of it

Open Thread

Let's see...there's Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel/Palestine, Sudan and North Korea...and this is what Bush decides to use his diplomacy skills on? Daily

The "I" Word

Reading A1 Hillary Clinton can kiss my progressive ass. Last week, as you're no doubt aware, the progressive "Take Back America" conference was get

Who Is Persecuting Who?

The Slacktivist has the answer (excerpt-please read the whole artice) In many times and in many places, Christians have faced persecution because of